Not all projects are straight forward and when it comes to specifying a liner this can often be the case.

RSM have developed a tried and tested way of calculating liner suitability which we happily use to assist our customers. All part of our philosphy to make our customers job easier.

Ensuring Suitablity

As part of our continued commitment to offering our clients the utmost in service and support, RSM offer a full design service for type II CIPP liners, in line with the requirements of the Sewerage Rehabilitation Manual.

In conjunction with our commitment to independent testing and verification, we have the ability to design liners, of any type from standard circular pipes to box culverts, full length CIPP or patch repair, in any resin type, to ensure that the cured liner meets the testing requirements of the relevant water industry specifications, the RSM and the Drain Repair book as appropriate.

Further more as part of our commitment to the contractor we have the ability to verify their own designs, and facilitate testing through Industry renowned specialists Exova, and in turn the WRc.

Liners are designed to account for the deformation of the host pipe, traffic loading, any deteriation of the pipe fabric, and the pressure on the existing network from ground loading. Type II Liners are designed to be flexible pipes within the existing fabric, with the surrounding, soil and pipework forming the support for the CIPP Lining. There is no requirement for a leaktight finish to meet the requirements of the Sewerage rehabilitation manual.