Installation of the Month March 2022


Colus Ltd are an innovative provider of sewer rehabilitation services to a range of UK based organisations, water companies, and local authorities. Colus deliver sewer renovation, CCTV solutions, and drain repair services by using a variety of methods to rectify any structural sewer problems in a quick, efficient, and cost-effective manner. They have been a loyal customer of RSM for several years and recently completed a complex pipe rehabilitation of the trade effluent system within the kegging plant at Tadcaster brewery.

This was a particularly difficult repair as the line takes various acids and 85-degree water. All works were specified from historical surveys as due to the nature of the plant; it could not be shut down for inspection works. The 300mm pipe suffered from very acute thermal shock and was in an incredibly poor condition with multiple fractures and breaks.

After subsequent discussions between the technical team at RSM & Colus it was decided that the most appropriate method of repair was to line the pipe twice using a chemically resistant TLNV170 Epoxy Resin to give the asset an extended lifespan. The first layer to give a structural repair and the second to give a sacrificial layer to extend life of the repair against the aggressive chemicals discharged through the pipe. This methodology was chosen to minimise the loss of bore from inserting stainless-steel pipes and to drastically reduce the time that the factory would need to shut down for.

The two liners were installed in tandem (a 300mm and 288mm) giving an overall thickness of 12mm. The final length of the repair was 98m across 3 lengths. Due to the working time of the Epoxy Resin, the two layers of liner needed to be impregnated 30 minutes apart. They were impregnated at RSM’s impregnation facility and then refrigerated and delivered to Tadcaster on two different vehicles – great care was taken to deliver the liners to avoid a premature cure.

All liners were inverted using a Sluice 300 and cured using RSM’s Twin Steam Boiler unit – they were then left to post cure for 24 hours. The project was a complete success installing 3 sections of liner over 3 days, allowing the recommended post cure of 24 hours. Due to excellent collaborative works the scheme finished 24 hours ahead of schedule. This was exceptionally good for the brewery who achieved an extra day’s production, as the lining option supplied by Colus and RSM drastically reduced the plant shutdown compared to other methods.