Meet the Supplier: Applied Felts:

Applied Felts have revolutionized the world of cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) rehabilitation.

A pioneer in the development of the CIPP process more than 40 years ago, Applied Felts quickly acquired majority market share for CIPP gravity sewer line rehabilitation around the world.


When did you begin supplying your products to RSM Lining Supplies?

We began supplying material to RSM back in 2005.


What is your main product range supplied by RSM?
Do you have any new products that will be coming to the market soon?

We supply a wide array of felt and glass reinforced dry liners, available in PVC or PU coatings.

We also provide a range of calibration hose.


What is your most memorable moment from the period you have been in partnership with RSM for?

Seeing the liners being manufactured and delivered for a 1300mm diameter impregnation RSM completed in 2019!

Pallet sizes were excessive, and movement of the liners was difficult. We also saw the last liner being delivered to site on a low loader which was quite a site also.


Finally, what is the best part of working in partnership RSM?

Since the beginning of our partnership, RSM have been loyal, honest, and fantastic partners.


For more information on any of the Applied Felts product range, get in touch with the sales team via 01709 864271 or email