BKP Berolina originated in the plastic processing industry in 1959, with the development of their signature Berolina UV Liner System® following in 1995.

Due to the company’s outstanding growth and development BKP expanded to the northern outskirts of Berlin in 2009. In 2012 the site was extended by 52,000 square feet to enable BKP to expand even further.

BKP Berolina Liner has now been distributed across all 5 continents in over 40 countries, with approximately 4,000,000 metres of material distributed to date!

BKP’s Export Manager, Borje Persson, gives further details on BKP’s relationship with RSM below!


When did you begin supplying your products to RSM Lining Supplies?

Our relationship began with a meeting with RSM’s Managing Director, Richard Davis, at the No-Dig show in Dubai back in 2015.

After a relaxed, short, and constructive meeting we agreed to follow up and our business agreement was in place September the same year. Supply of the Berolina-Liner System started directly thereafter.


What is your main product range supplied by RSM? Do you have any new products that will be coming to the market soon?

BKP Berolina supplies the Berolina-Liner System, a glass fibre reinforced UV cured CIPP liner available in diameters ranging from 150mm to 1600mm.

The main product we supply to RSM is Speedy Liner, a product specially developed and branded by RSM which is available in diameters ranging from 150mm – 300mm. RSM keep this in stock in 500m lengths at their depot in the UK, available for purchase in bulk or in job specific lengths!

We will be joining RSM at the No-Dig 2021 show with our UV Rig to demonstrate our brand-new diameter change UV liner.


What is the most memorable moment from the period you have been in partnership with RSM for?

We have had the opportunity to attend a few of RSM’s Open Days! A good and professional business arrangement combined with a relaxing social evening program – the river trip is great!


Finally, what is the best part of working in partnership RSM?

The people at RSM – as I see it businesses are and have always been about the people, even nowadays with all the sophisticated technical support we have.

When it comes down to it business is all about people, trust, and relations. At RSM we have had the chance to follow the development of the company and personal profiles closely.

For more information on any of BKP’s product range, get in touch with the sales team via
01709 864271 or email