Dancutter have been developing cutter solutions in cooperation with their customers for more than 30 years. Since their first product was developed in 1989, their aim has been to develop and sell simple and flexible cutter solutions.

Dancutter A/S was founded in January 2002. Based on their knowledge gained through practical experience arose the idea of developing cutters that were simple, flexible to use, and could operate inside all types of materials.

Dancutter now develops, produces, and sells robotic cutters for cutting, grinding, and milling in all materials. For example: PVC, liner, cement, concrete, cast iron or steel.

Their powerful pneumatic cutters prepare old pipes for renovation by clearing blockages and debris, when the pipe is newly renovated the cutter easily and efficiently opens access to branch pipelines.

Their cutters are 100% Made in Denmark, and, at Dancutter, they take pride in developing systems to meet the exact needs of their customers.


When did you begin supplying your products to RSM Lining Supplies?

We began supplying equipment to RSM on the 11th of August 2016.


What is your main product range supplied by RSM? Do you have any new products that will be coming to the market soon?

The main products that we supply to RSM are the DC Maxiflex and the DC Superflex.

The DC Maxiflex is Dancutter’s most powerful cutter. It has an extremely powerful motor which makes the cutter both fast and efficient. It has the capability to go through several 45-degree bends in a 150mm pipe and works effortlessly whether the pipe is straight or has bends.

The DC Superflex is Dancutter’s more flexible cutter. It can move through several 90-degree bends in a 100mm pipe and works effortlessly whether the pipe is straight or has bends. The DC Superflex is ideal for re-opening laterals or removing hard deposits like concrete from pipelines.

We have recently released some additional items to make the DC Superflex an even easier piece of equipment to use! The Dancutter Grabber, Handles, and Tripod.

  • Dancutter Grabber – The Dancutter Grabber is an add-on to the DC Superflex and is a great no-dig tool for removing obstacles stuck inside pipes – it can be opened and closed with the grinder switch on the control unit.
  • Handles – We have developed an easier way to move the DC Supreflex around the work site! Our new set of handles can easily be mounted on to the cutter frame and allow for effortless manoeuvrability.
  • Tripod Winch – The Tripod Winch is an accessory for the DC Superflex which makes it easier to use the cutter when working in vertical pipes/down pipes. It can be mounted on a pipe with straps or placed on a surface on its adjustable legs. The cutter is inserted into the pipe with the hanging clamp attached, it can then be lowered and raised using the included crank-handle or a standard power drill and a ¾” socket.


What is your most memorable moment from the period you have been in partnership with RSM for?

There have been quite a few memorable moments throughout the years. Apart from providing us with several large orders, what springs to mind is RSM’s continuously positive approach in dealing with customers and any challenges that might occur – this remains a positive experience in our partnership.

We also remember with a smile when Phil and Richard visited us for the first time in 2016, how Phil described their strenuous flight to Denmark in a Cessna plane with lifejackets and absolutely no service.


Finally, what is the best part of working in partnership with RSM?

Our network of dedicated Dancutter distributors help us to achieve our goal of becoming the preferred global cutter manufacturer. We believe in building long-term partnerships with our distributors, and we seek out those who strive to provide exceptional customer service.

The best part of our partnership with RSM is that they embody Dancutter’s company values. RSM always deliver high levels of customer satisfaction and we appreciate that they are reliable, well-organised, and show true dedication towards achieving our shared goals.

For more information on any of the Dancutter product range, get in touch with the sales team via 01709 864271 or email