Sewertronics design and produce LED based curing technology for CIPP, offering the widest portfolio for LED cure industry wide.

First established in 2018, they have since become an international leader within their industry segment. Sewertronics’ employees are a professional team with vast experience in sewer pipe maintenance and repair. With offices in Poland and Spain, the company have a well-established international re-seller network with a presence in all continents.


When did you begin supplying your products to RSM Lining Supplies?

We began supplying equipment to RSM back in 2018.


What is your main product range supplied by RSM? Do you have any new products that will be coming to the market soon?

The main items of equipment we supply are the Speedylight+ System (suitable for diameters ranging from 80mm – 500mm), and the LED Rig (suitable for diameters ranging from 150mm-600mm).

We also have several new products launching imminently, such as the Speedylight VX (for in-house and vertical jobs, suitable for diameters ranging from 70mm-150mm) and the QuickPatch System (for point repair in diameters 80-300 mm – soon to be up to 600mm).

Additionally, we supply specialised LED UV Epoxy Resins and pre-impregnated patches.


What is your most memorable moment from the period you have been in partnership with RSM for?

RSM Lining Supplies stands as one of our top three re-sellers in the world. We work in close communication and have together identified and implemented both technical improvements and new features to accommodate the British market’s requirements. We consider RSM a sound, reliable, and trustworthy partner.


Finally, what is the best part of working in partnership with RSM?

RSM has a fantastic network of technicians, salespeople, and management. We both speak the same language since management at Sewertronics run an additional business (PANATEC) in which we act as a re-seller for a good number of renowned manufacturers in Europe. Because of this, we fully understand the dynamics of a re-seller as well as the dynamics of a manufacturer! RSM also play the role of service provider for some self-developed products so communication flows easily.

RSM understand the potential of LED curing in the future of CIPP, and together we believe we will prevail as leaders within the industry.

For more information on any of the Sewertronics equipment range, get in touch with the sales team via 01709 864271 or email