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RSM Lining Supplies and Kobus Team Up to Introduce Hydraulic Re-rounding System

RSM Lining Supplies Global Ltd is one of the leading suppliers to the CIPP market. We are excited to introduce the Kobus KR200 Re-rounder to our extensive portfolio from this month onwards. The KR200 is a powerful hydraulic winch capable of delivering 10 tonnes of force, driven by its own separate hydraulic power pack. On the toughest sections of damaged pipe, the powerful hydraulic motors can safely re-round the pipe quickly and efficiently.

Re-rounding of pitch fibre pipes and then repairing with a CIPP liner has been a method of repair for many years in the UK industry. The re-rounding process has always been a manual, hand-driven system – the Kobus KR200 is revolutionising this methodology. The robust design is compact enough to fit in most standard size manholes, is easy to assemble, and the height can be adjusted using the modular frame sections. These sections allow ease of handling and transportation so the system can be readily available for any job.

The winch operates on a similar principle to a capstan winch – the pulling cable is pulled off the spool as it winds the ‘pig’ through the pipe. In effect, this means the length of the pulling cable is not restricted by the spool capacity, giving the potential capacity of 100metres plus.

This 10-tonne capacity machine is capable of re-rounding a drain up to 25% collapsed, on lengths of over 100m and diameters up to 150mm.

One very satisfied customer, Vaughan Kemp of Principal Drainage, commented: “We pride ourselves on adopting new methods that save time, are safer, less physically demanding for our operatives, and project a professional image to our customers. The Kobus Re-rounder does all of that for us.”

For more information or to request a demonstration please contact the sales team at RSM using or phone 01709 864271.


Check out our animated guide on how the mechanical re-rounder works!