Advanced Impreg Equipment

Impregnation systems can be designed and produced around your exact needs, portable units to fit into on site units or fully automated systems can be supplied. This page includes just a taster of what we have supplied to date.

sanikom impregnation hero

Our largest site impregnation conveyor which is also suitable for factory operation, the unit is capable of impregnation of liners up to 750mm (30in) in diameter, and comes with 1500mm (60in) wide non slip belt, large diameter adjustable gravity roller, variable speed control, verneer measurement, and emergency stop control.

We can design and manufacture factory impregnation systems to suit individual specifications.

The system below is the largest impregnation conveyor in the UK, built to accommodate liners up to 2000mm (80in) in diameter and designed by RSM to exact requirements.


RSM specialise in the design and build of bespoke site vehicles and trailers for impregnation of liners on site.

Our impregnation units can be designed with internal mixing and resin distribution systems. Impregnation tables are designed for the majority of lining applications that makes the impregnation of liners possible within a self contained site unit. Vacuum pumps and resin distribution systems are available as stock products in our brochure or designed to suit specific requirements.

bespoke steam boiler


RSM offer a range of installation equipment to suit both small and large diameter applications comprising of Impregnation Rollers, Vacuum Systems and Resin Mixing devices all to assist in producing an excellent quality cured liner.

electric impregnation system


Capacity: 100mm (4in) to 200mm (8in) diameter liners

FLOOR MOUNTED Capacity: 100mm (4in) to 300mm (12in) diameter liners

WITH STAND Capacity: 100mm (4in) to 300mm (12in) diameter liners

Capacity: 100 to 225mm diameter liners

Power: 110/240v


Our standard on site liner impregnation table, with an 870mm (34in) wide non slip conveyor belt, adjustable gravity roller, mechanical verneer depth gauge and 110/240 volt mechanical speed controller. This unit fulfills most site requirements up to 375mm (15in) in diameter and is easily transported on its own frame with lockable wheels.

Our portable wetout tables come complete with variable speed control panel, both forward and reverse functions, adjustable pinch roller mechanism and specialist non slip belt conveyor. Table mounted on easily transportable frame with 4 lockable wheels.

impregnation table


To ensure good quality impregnation a vacuum pump is an essential site tool, RSM offer a 110 volt and 240 volt option suitable for most liners up to 375mm (15in) in diameter.

Units available in 240 volt
Dimensions: 320 x 150 x 150mm (Pump Only) 12.5 x 5.9 x 5.9in (Pump Only) Weight: 15kg (33 lbs)

Units available in 240 volt and 3 phase.
Free running inlet capacity 80 cubic feet to 130 cubic ft per hour.

Dimensions:412 x 206 x 308mm (Pump Only)
16.2 x 8.1 x 12.1in (Pump Only) Weight: 30kg (66.1 lbs)

vac pump


240 Volt Only

A good quality resin mixer is another essential tool. RSM offer mixers to suit, Polyester, Vinylester, Epoxy and Silicate resins.

evolution mixer

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