We manufacture three sizes of inversion drum covering most hot cure lengths

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We can manufacture any size drum to match your requirements. Our stainless steel Medium and Maxi drums are manufactured for hot cure lining and are available powder coated as standard. Our baby unit is lightweight aluminium to enable one man lift, will fit through a household doorway and has an easy access glass lid. The Medium and Maxi drums are skid mounted for increased manoeuvrability on site.


  1. Suitable for 100mm (4in) and 150mm (6in) diameters
  2. Small & lightweight for easy transport
  3. Capable of lining 50m (165ft) of Calibration Hose


  1. Suitable for 100mm (4in) and 200mm (8in) diameters
  2. Easy lift handles and front wheels for easy transport
  3. Capable of lining 100m+ (330ft+) of Calibration Hose


  1. Suitable for 100mm (4in) and 250mm+ (10in+) diameters
  2. Practical for larger scale jobs
  3. Capable of lining 160m (525ft) of 3mm Inversion Liner


A range of KrasoSluices engineered with our partner KrasoTech GmbH. The systems can be tailored specifically to suit all of the sewer renovation disciplines

This range offers our contractors some of the best equipment in the industry. Comprising of high tech inversion drums and sluices with unbelievable capabilities. Units available for hot cure and steam cure.

Lightweight alloy construction. A range of nozzles and extender tubes. Ideal for vertical inversion. Optical control easier water filling and recirculation.

Suitable for continuous inversion, with liner lengths only limited by resin cure times.

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