Steam curing is a fast, cost effective solution for the curing of CIPP.

steam boiler hero

Steam reduces the cure and installation time from alternative methods and reduces environmental damage. Coupled with one of our installation systems it offers the contractor a full installation package from 100mm+ (4in+).

RSM Lining Supplies offer a boiler system to suit all contractors.

angle shot of bespoke steam trailer

630,000 BTU, 100 (4in) – 300mm (12in) diameter


Suitable to cure up to 100m (330ft) of 300mm (12in)

Variable steam flow

Water separator

Roof and floor mounted exhaust

Integrated air and steam manifold

Water tank manufactured to customers requirements

Option for integrated water treatment

Possible to Manifold multiple units to increase output

Additional Extras

Exhaust and flu installation

Chequer plate flooring

Full electrical fit out

First Aid station/ Fire Extinguisher/ Eye Wash Station / Carbon Monoxide Metre

steam boiler in the back of a truck

4,000,000 BTU


Full boiler system

Suitable to cure up to 200m (656ft) of 2000mm (80in)

User friendly

Suitable to be installed into a truck or trailer dependant on the customers needs

MX1500 Boiler unit equivalent to 4,000,000 BTU

Auto blowdown system and integrated water softener and dosing plant

Integrated PRV pressure reduction system to allow steam to be generated at high pressures and increase efficiency

Fully fitted out into your chosen vehicle if required Auto TDS system

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