In House Impregnation


At RSM we offer a comprehensive impregnation service. Including the specification of resin through our consultation service, to liner impregnation and delivery on site using our temperature controlled transport.

At RSM we offer the most comprehensive range of liner impregnation services across the whole of the UK and Ireland. With the largest factory impregnation system in the UK, we can accommodate liners up to 2000mm (80in) in diameter.

From the specification of specialist hot cure resins to suit any application to impregnation of the liner and finally the arrival of the wet out liner delivered on site in temperature controlled transport ready to install. We offer you the full package, no matter how demanding the project may be.


We have extensive experience of impregnating large diameter liners with a variety of resins that have been specifically developed for the CIPP application. These include long life hot water or steam cured epoxy systems, polyester systems and vinylester systems. We can also offer vinylester and polyester resins that are styrene free.

We also have the capacity and specialist equipment to perform on-site impregnation of large diameter liners. This is particularly useful when access limitations mean that delivery to the site in refrigerated transport is not possible. For the most demanding sites, we also have a self-contained trailer mounted site impregnation and installation facility, suitable for liners up to 300mm (12in) in diameter.