Back in 2017 we introduced robotic equipment to our product portfolio! Shortly after, we realised we were encountering delays in repair when sending equipment back to the manufacturer in Europe. To combat this and ensure we could maintain the high service level we pride ourselves on, we made the decision to create an in-house repair facility – our Service and Repair Centre was born. We now have the capability to repair our full range of equipment, reducing time scale and ultimately costs by the elimination of transport charges.

We employed a technician to oversee all repair processes and built a multi-purpose, bespoke Service and Repair Centre at our Head Office in Doncaster. Over time our repair services have expanded rapidly– with the number of employees in this department increasing from one to four in the last two years! We now have a team whose responsibility is solely dedicated to these areas, to ensure we provide optimum care to any item of equipment. Whether that be through routine services, repairs due to wear and tear, or on-site emergencies. Our goal is to continue to support you long after a purchase has been made.

As our service and repair centre has grown, we have developed two separate divisions – our Robotics Repair Centre and General Maintenance and Repair Team.

Our Robotics Repair Centre covers the following areas:

  • The repair/service of our range of:
    • Sewertronics Systems (Speedylight+ and LEDRig)
    • Dancutter Systems (Superflex and Maxiflex)
    • Rausch Camera Systems

Our General Maintenance and Repair Team are responsible for:

  • Constantly servicing and maintaining our extensive fleet of hire equipment.
  • The repair/service of our range of:
    • Sluices (200, 225, and 300)
    • Boilers (Hot Water and Steam)
    • Inversion Drums (Baby, Intermediate, Medium, and Large)

We keep a vast array of spare parts in stock for all pieces of equipment to ensure we have the best chance possible to meet our customer’s timescale requirements. Our Sales Director, Phil Steele, commented: “Our Service and Repair Centre is an integral part of our sales platform – we not only offer high-quality equipment, but we provide the service and support structure to go with it”.

If you are interested in taking advantage of our fantastic service, get in touch with the sales team via or phone 01709 864271.